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Are you interested in being a part of our lab author community?

The Lab Library is made up of high-quality labs developed by faculty from across the US and Canada.  Thank you to our Lab Library community of authors and their colleagues!

Without contributions from our community of authors, The Lab Library could not do what it does. Faculty often ask us, "Can I share my labs on the Lab Library, and make them available for others to use?" The answer is... YES!

The Lab Library is designed to be a place for science educators to share their labs. See below to find how you can make your labs available to other faculty on The Lab Library. 

Thank you for considering being a part of the Lab Library community.


Making your Science Labs Available to Share

Here is your Invitation!

With apologies for the lack of gold-leaf engraving, but know we 'cordially' invite you to submit your labs for review and possible inclusion on The Lab Library. If your labs are approved for inclusion, rest assured you will always maintain copyright over your materials, and we will remove labs from the site at your request. You can allow permission to include your manual for use free of charge, or we will pay you a royalty for each lab adopted, per use.

Make way for Royalty...

Faculty will have the opportunity to adopt as many labs as they need, and could possibly choose multiple labs from your manual, which would then increase your royalty accordingly. What would this mean for you or your department? As an example, if just one professor used one of your labs for a large class of 100 students, your royalty income can be used to offset some of the costs of lab equipment or other classroom materials. Royalties are paid to contributing authors twice a year.

Sounds pretty good. What now?

If you have questions about having your labs considered for inclusion, send an email to the editorial team at to express your interest, and please include a PDF scan of your lab(s). We will follow up with you with an overview of the process, which will include a copy of our License Agreement for your information. As a reminder, you always maintain your rights to the content.

Best Practice Sharing

The Lab Library is the home of affordable, custom-made and also ready-made Lab Manuals. But we couldn't do what we do without faculty dedicated to the idea that teaching is about sharing - sharing knowledge, sharing best practice ideas, and of course, sharing labs.