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Carbonless Lab Notebooks for Science Students in all disciplines!

XanEdu Custom Solutions, the parent company of The Lab Library, is excited to offer high-quality Student Carbonless Lab Notebooks at the lowest prices on the market. 

Our carbonless Student Lab Notebook contains 100-count or 50-count duplicate page sets, each sequentially numbered. The graph print quality is excellent on both the original and duplicate copy pages. A Table of Contents at the front of the Lab Notebook will help you keep your lab notes organized. The first page of each carbonless set is white, and the duplicate copy page is yellow - both are perforated.

XanEdu Carbonless Lab Notebooks are spiral bound with a smooth high-quality coil which allows the Student Lab Notebook to easily lie flat. The Periodic Table of the Elements is printed inside the back cover for easy reference, which also acts as a fold-over divider between labs to prevent marks on the following pages.

Faculty: Call (800) 218-5971 ext.7000 to be put in touch with an Account Executive to help you prepare for class by having your campus bookstore stock XanEdu Carbonless Lab Notebooks.

Students: You can purchase your Carbonless Lab Notebooks at your campus bookstore or on Amazon.


  • 100- or 50-count carbonless duplicate sets, each  sequentially numbered.
  • High Quality Coil spiral binding, that lays flat on your workbench or desk.
  • First page of the duplicate set is white, and second page in the set is yellow.
  • Both pages in set are perforated.
  • Table of Contents, to help you keep you labs organized
  • Header on each duplicate set includes Exp. Number, Experiment /Subject, Date, Name, Lab Partner, Course & Section.
  • Footer on each duplicate set includes signature and date for two lab partners.
  • Glossy color front and back cover that folds over to prevent bleed-through.
  • Periodic Table of Elements printed on inside of back cover, which doubles as a fold-over to prevent writing bleed-through.