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Welcome to The Lab Library, an online community of and for faculty from across the country, collaborating to lower the cost of lab manuals. This is where science faculty build low-cost Lab Manuals that work best for their classroom and laboratory. Build, Customize, Share!

Create your account to build a Lab Manual specific to your class goals. The Lab Library helps you and other faculty members choose and assemble the right labs for your class - make your labs, your way, based on your needs. Why go off-the-shelf when choosing your Lab Manual? Simple to build, simple to order. See how easy it is by signing in and getting started now.



What is The Lab Library?

The Lab Library is a new online system for faculty to build customized science Lab Manuals for only about 75c per lab. We created this system at the request of faculty from colleges across the country, to give faculty control over the content and over the cost of their students’ course materials.

The Lab Library was set up as an alternative to off-the-shelf lab manuals, to help faculty create lab manuals that are specific to their course goals and to make course materials more affordable for their students.



Supporting Science Faculty

The labs you include in your Lab Manual are high-quality, peer-reviewed and trusted labs written by your fellow science faculty. Using the Lab Library not only provides your students a custom lab solution, it supports your peers.

The Lab Library believes in supporting science research and science education. A portion of all Lab Library proceeds will be donated to organizations such as NSTA to support science education at all levels of learning, as selected by the Lab Library Advisory Board which is made up of respected science teaching faculty.


Variety of Science Labs

The Lab Library makes labs available on a wide range of college-level science fields, including; Anatomy and Physiology, Biology and Microbiology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Environmental Science, Physics and Astronomy.

New labs are being added to the Lab Library all the time. If you don't see a specific lab that you require for class, we invite you to get in touch with us and our editorial team can research and clear copyright for new labs. 

Additionally you can add your own materials (such as your own labs, class syllabus, lab rules, etc.) to your custom Lab Manual.

Low Cost Labs

Customized Lab Manuals for about 75c per lab. The Lab Manual you make will include only the labs you need for your class.  There are no hidden costs: as you build your Lab Manual online you will see real-time updates to the price of your Lab Manual, so you always know what your students will be paying at the bookstore.

Supporting Your Peers

The Lab Library brings labs and other faculty together. The Lab Manual you build online supports your science faculty peers because The Lab Library includes labs developed by college-level faculty from across the USA and Canada. The Lab Library also supports the industry by donating a portion of all profits to science-based non-profit organizations (such as NSTA) which are dedicated to furthering science education at all levels of learning.

Trusted Campus Partner

We work with over 1,200 college bookstores across the US and Canada, so chances are we are already working with your campus bookstore! You build your Lab Manual the way you want, then we work with your school's bookstore to get the Lab Manual into your students' hands.

Getting Help with getting started.

New to The Lab Library and just getting started?  No problem!  We have support ready to help you build your own Lab Manual.  When questions arise, you can expect a quick response. Click the icon on the bottom right of the screen to chat or leave a message. Or click on CONTACT at the top right of this page to see other ways to get in touch.


The Lab Library Mission: working with faculty
to deliver customized, affordable labs to your students

Teaching is about sharing – sharing knowledge, sharing ideas, sharing passion for a subject. The Lab Library has been set up as a resource for science faculty to share their labs.

The Lab Library believes faculty should have easy access to high-quality, peer-developed labs that are affordable for all students.

Faculty are invited to join The Lab Library community to pick and choose labs that will work best in your course. You can search on such parameters as science field of study, lab equipment required, suggested outcomes, and more. 

Not ready to create your own? You can always choose a ready-to-go manual if that works better for you.

Once you are happy with your Lab Manual, they will be printed, bound, and delivered to your campus bookstore for student purchase. As a part of XanEdu Custom Publishing, we currently work with over 1,200 campus bookstores across the US and Canada, so chances are we are already working with your school.

Welcome to The Lab Library!

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