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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to some of the questions frequently asked by science faculty about The Lab Library. We hope you find answers to your questions here, but we invite you to contact us to discuss any other questions you might have. Click on the CONTACT link above to get in touch via email or phone. We look forward to helping you create customized Lab Manuals for your course.

At the request of many faculty from across the country, we have created The Lab Library as an online 'do-it-yourself' Lab Manual customization service. Faculty can pick and choose labs that meet their course goals and objectives at a low per-manual price. The Lab Library’s mission is to deliver high-quality labs at a lower cost to faculty and their students.

We have created this site as a place where faculty can build their own labs, adopt an existing lab, and even include your own content or other unique lab materials in the finished Lab Manual. Plus, if you choose to do so, you can apply to make your labs available so other faculty can adopt them for greater lab manual choice, and a usage-fee royalty will come back to you.

The Lab Library – your labs, your way.

At the Lab Library, science faculty make Lab Manuals that work best for their class. You can include your own current labs, your course syllabus, lab guidelines or lab usage agreements, table of contents, letters of introduction, or anything else that fits your course goals. Other than printing and production costs, there is no fee to use your own materials. Other labs you choose to use incur a usage cost of about 75c per lab.

However you choose to use the Lab Library, it was designed to provide greater Lab Manual quality and relevance for faculty, at a lower, more affordable cost to students.

It’s pretty easy. Simply create an account, then once you are signed-in, the Lab Library build system will guide you through the steps. In summary, you will browse the available lab manual content, select the labs you want to use, upload your own content, such as; course syllabus, lab rules, unique reference materials, etc. for your own use (Note: others will not be able to access this personalized content you upload; this will be for your own use), create a custom cover, review the price per unit (which is what your students will pay for the custom Lab Manual), and finalize your order. Help is always available if you require assistance with any of the steps along the way.

The Lab Library has labs ready-to-go on a wide range of science topics, including;

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Biology and Microbiology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science and Environmental Science
  • Physics
  • Astronomy

XanEdu is a custom publisher and the engine behind The Lab Library. XanEdu already works with over 1,200 colleges and universities across the US and Canada. We will work with your school’s bookstore to ensure your students get their manuals in a timely manner. Upon completing your custom lab manual order, you will get a call from a Lab Library/XanEdu customer service rep who will confirm your order details, and who will then get in touch with your bookstore or school office. We will take it from there to produce and ship the labs to your school. You will get a confirmation from the bookstore and The Lab Library when the lab manuals are in stock at your school’s bookstore. Your students can then purchase the labs at the campus bookstore.

The Lab Library and its parent company XanEdu works with many colleges, universities and high school districts that have all kinds of classroom materials purchasing and distribution set-ups. Please give us a call on 1-800-218-5971 ext. 7000 to discuss how we can work within your school's requirements - working together we will find the most efficient way to get your custom Lab Manual to your students!

There is no cost to create an account or to build a custom Lab Manual. Once your Lab Manual is finished, the order that you finalize will be sent to XanEdu for processing, then to your school's bookstore for students’ purchase. You pay nothing, and most orders qualify for a free desk copy.

The Lab Library prides itself on pricing transparency. The exact costs of your final Lab Manual will be displayed on screen, which will be displayed as a per manual cost to your students. This price will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the number of lab you choose, the final page count, the binding and so forth. You will see clear pricing details, updated in real time, as you build your Lab Manual, including:

  • Lab manual content fee (which includes any royalty to the science teacher who made the lab)
  • Printing cost (which is calculated per page; printing is black & white)
  • Set-up fee (this cost supports building and maintaining The Lab Library online system)
  • Binding selection (default is high-quality smooth coil)
  • Additional desk copy (the nominal amount to support the teacher getting a desk copy)
  • Wholesale per unit subtotal (the combination of all of the above)
  • Suggested per unit retail price (what your bookstore would charge a student based on standard college bookstore retail mark-up)

Faculty members who offer their labs on the Lab Library receive a royalty each time their lab is used in a class. This means those who use The Lab Library are supporting their fellow educators, and also encouraging others to contribute their labs to the Library. Which makes this a win-win for all involved.

If you choose to share your labs, you can do this on The Lab Library system. Once you agree to make your labs available, other faculty can adopt them. The first step is to review this agreement. If that is all OK with you, you can submit your labs for Lab Library’s review to with your contact information (please include your full name, position, school, address, phone number) and a content development editor will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps. Thank you for your interest in being a part of The Lab Library!

The Lab Library is run by XanEdu, a respected custom publisher with longstanding partnerships with schools, colleges and bookstores across the US and Canada.

XanEdu is a leader in custom publishing solutions and, in addition to the Lab Library, we publish courspacks and custom textbooks, as well as Sharedbook for the business training/HR community, and Blog2Print.

Since 1999 XanEdu Custom Solutions has helped educators and bookstores at more than 1,200 higher education institutions deliver affordable and transformative learning experiences by making it easy for teachers to create custom course materials. With XanEdu, educators design materials around their course, rather than design their course around off-the-shelf textbooks.

XanEdu: Simple Solutions for Tomorrow’s Learning.