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Why We Made the Lab Library

At the request of many faculty from across the country, The Lab Library was created by XanEdu Custom Publishing as an online 'do-It-yourself' Lab Manual customization service. Faculty pick and choose labs that meet their course objectives and goals at a low per-manual price. Considering the high price of course materials, The Lab Library sets out to deliver high-quality labs at a lower cost to students across the country.

A New Alternative

The Lab Library was set up as a new online alternative to off-the-shelf Lab Manuals, to help science faculty and teachers create lab manuals that are specifically relevant to their course. The labs found in the Library were selected on the basis or relevancy, clarity and accessibility. We have labs on a wide variety of topics, including; Anatomy and Physiology, Biology and Microbiology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Environmental Science, Physics and Astronomy.


Our Lab Library Partnerships

the lab library peer support

Peer Support

The labs in the Lab Library were written by college-level faculty. The labs have been peer-reviewed by an Advisory Board and editorial team with the intent of delivering high-quality labs to students at affordable prices. Using the Lab Library supports your fellow faculty members as contributors to The Lab Library receive a royalty for their labs' usage, when their labs are specified. Thank you for supporting your peers!

national science teachers association

NSTA Links

The Lab Library supports the industry by donating a portion of all proceeds to the National Science Teachers Association, whose mission is to mission is to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all, so they can continue to support STEM and related science education at all levels of teaching and learning. The Lab Library also support NSTA by attending and exhibiting at the NSTA annual conference. NSTA's current membership includes science faculty, science teachers, science supervisors, administrators, scientists, business and industry representatives, and others involved in and committed to science education. More about NSTA can be found at

the lab library advisory board

Advisory Board

The Lab Library Advisory Board is made up of respected faculty members from across the country. They help guide the direction of the Lab Library system and provide feedback on the content offered within the Lab Library. Many are contributing authors of the labs as well. The Advisory Board ensures The Lab Library's mission stays relevant and the lab content is exceptional.

the lab library is xanedu powered


The Lab Library is a part of XanEdu Custom Solutions. Since 1999 XanEdu has helped educators and bookstores at more than 1,200 higher education institutions deliver affordable and transformative learning experiences by making it easy for teachers to create custom course materials. With XanEdu, educators design materials around their course, rather than design their course around off-the-shelf textbooks. XanEdu is a leader in custom publishing solutions and, in addition to the Lab Library, we publish courspacks and custom textbooks, as well as Sharedbook for the business community, and Blog2Print services. XanEdu delivers simple solutions for tomorrow’s learning.

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It is free to set up an account with The Lab Library and browse the available content. Once you create an account you can see what labs are available, how much it would cost your students to purchase the Lab Manual you create, and adjust the content accordingly to meet your affordable course material pricing goals. More questions are answered on our FAQ page.